Understanding Intestinal Microbiota to Regain Balance in the Gut

The human gut is its own ecosystem, hosting close to a thousand microorganisms, many of which are helpful and necessary. When you take antibiotics, some of the beneficial germs can be wiped out, leaving you more vulnerable to diarrheal infections—infections, in some cases, that are antibiotic resistant and life-threatening. Fecal transplants are proving to be a highly effective, antibiotic-free tool to cure Clostridium difficile, known as C diff, often a health care acquired infection that is more common among the elderly or those who take frequent antibiotics.



International Conference "Functional Materials"


September 29 - October 5,2013
Important Notice: Change of ICFM’2013 Conference Location!

Dear ICFM’2013 Conference participants! For the first time since 2001 we are facing a critical situation while holding ICFM Conference. Two weeks before the beginning of the Сonference the Krym Health Resort management (Partenit, Crimea) decided to withdraw from the conference co-organizers. This is due to the fact that the Krym Military Health Resort management received the Order of the Ministry of Defence to accommodate special squads of more than 1,000 people. In these time-constrained conditions the Conference Organizing Committee had to seek for an alternative solution that was eventually found. The Conference is relocating to Zhemchuzhina Medical Rehabilitation Centre (Haspra, Yalta). Situated 11 km away from Yalta in one of the most beautiful places of Crimea close to Swallow Nest Castle, it offers an important benefit of serving three meals (buffet-style) daily. Zhemchuzhina Medical Rehabilitation Centre comprises a number of buildings, which are strewn throughout the large area.