Ta Dah! An Insider’s Insight into Creating Better Slide Presentations

At some point you will have undergone ‘death by PowerPoint’. Such experiences have given presentations a bad rap. And yet, they can be
a powerful means of communication. So what differentiates a good presentation from a poor one? Personality, content and design. Although we can’t all be as charismatic as movie stars or make our work critical to world peace, we can determine the content and design of our slides.

Use the right slide design and the whole presentation comes to life. Your audience is more likely to hang on your words and focus on your message. Follow some simple rules and you will create well-designed presentation slides that effectively communicate your message, engage your audience and get you noticed. We offer some insights here from the Niche medical writing and design teams who have been developing professional presentations since 1998. 

It may be not be of great relevance to what you are currently focused on but you may want to keep it for future use or reference. Please feel free to share it with your colleagues. We would also welcome thoughts on any of our other  Insider's Insights and how they might be improved.

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